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Cutler and Gross






We at HyperOptics Optometry believe in the concept that quality and exotic eyewear should be available in an environment free of all pretense of a "stuffy" doctor's office and the "typical chain store." The cliches of "white lab coats" and "pocket protectors" in the medical profession isn't in tune with the pulse of creating cutting edge eyewear designs. A fun, upbeat, and unconventional boutique seemed more appropriate for our funky Haight-Ashbury location.

Our professionalism, expertise and quality of service are the basis of our customer care. With our emphasis on personal attention and detail, we have been able to establish an ongoing and loyal relationship with all of our clients and friends.

It is our mission to continue to provide unique and quality eye care to our existing patients while welcoming new friends and clients to our HYPER Family.